Appearance Guard Buick

Appearance Guard

When mishaps happen, the Buick Appearance Guard Plan is here to help take care of them. Get protection for covered exterior dents and dings, as well as covered rips, tears, burns, and cuts to interior fabric and lost or damaged key/key fob, so your Buick will look like new.

See Appearance Guard Service Contract for complete details.

How You’re Covered

Paintless dent repair

Minor dents and dings smaller than 4″ in diameter on exterior body panels are covered, with unlimited covered repairs for the duration of the plan.

Windshield repair

Minor chips or cracks up to 4″ in length in the front windshield caused by a covered road hazard will be repaired.

Interior fabric repair

The repair of covered damage such as burns, cuts, rips, or tears smaller than 2″ in diameter in your vehicle’s seats, upholstery, or carpet.

Key/Key fob

If your key/key fob is lost, stolen, or damaged, the Appearance Guard Plan will cover the replacement cost of a new key/key fob, up to $400, for any continuous 12-month period. A 60-day waiting period applies to this benefit. Benefits are available when two keys/key fobs are provided at the time of sale.

Plan Details

No Deductible

Authorized repairs or replacements are covered without requiring the payment of a deductible..


Appearance Guard is available for your new, used, or leased vehicle.


If you decide to sell your vehicle, your coverage can easily be transferred to the new owner upon payment of any applicable transfer fee and completion of paperwork


You can cancel your Appearance Guard Service Contract at any time. Coverage is fully refundable within 60 days, if no claims have been filed. After 60 days or if a claim has been filed, you will receive a pro rata refund, less claims paid (where permissible) and any applicable cancellation fee


If your vehicle needs service for covered paintless dent, windshield, or interior fabric repair, contact the administrator listed in your Contract for assistance.

Check with your Finance and Insurance Manager at your dealership for availability. Information provided is for illustration/summary purposes only; see Terms and Conditions/GAP Addendum/Pre-Paid Maintenance Agreement for complete details. Vehicle Service Contract coverage is provided and administered by AMT Warranty Corp., P.O. Box 927, Bedford, TX 76095, (877) 265-1072 (except in Florida, the obligor/provider and administrator is Wesco Insurance Company, 59 Maiden Lane, 43rd Floor, New York, NY 10038, [866] 327-5818, LICENSE #01913). GAP Coverage is provided by the dealer/creditor and administered by AMT Warranty Corp. (877) 265-1166. AMT Warranty Corp. and Wesco Insurance Company are GM-approved providers but are not related entities of GM or its dealerships. Roadside Assistance Services are provided by Nation Safe Drivers, 800 Yamato Road, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (except as otherwise noted for your state in the Terms and Conditions).